Why the name The Vintage Fairy Godmother?

I love vintage fashion and I get a LOT of ladies asking me where I get my clothes. Since I am always willing to share my good fortune with others, I started passing on the word. Word of mouth can be exhausting so I started carrying the cards of places I frequented and passing them out whenever there was an inquiry( I still do actually). As much as I enjoy spreading the vintage love, I am not an organized person and having scads of cards in my wallet was not helping the messy black hole that is my purse so? I started this blog. I plan to post pictures of all the great stuff I have purchased, include links to my favorite stores and maybe show off some vintage hair? The possiblities are endless.Enjoy!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Welcome to The Vintage Fairy Godmother and my first post!
Its officially  a new year, January 1st 2011 and as part of my New Years resolution, last night I pledged to wear only handmade repro, vintage, and items I snagged from a thrift store or garage sale. Ive also pledged to be more proactive with my love for vintage fashion and hooking people up with places to find to perfect vintage goodies! Hence the name of this blog, I'm your vintage fairy godmother y'all. Check out this blog if you want help finding the perfect vintage trifle!
 I have also pledged to stop being so lazy with my hair, I'll be 30 in 10 days and I want to go into my 30's with a bang and? A perfect coiffure. My girlfriend KC super helped me out with that pledge by giving me A Complete 1950's Guide to Vintage Makeup,Hairstyling and Beauty Techniques. The Westmore Beauty Book. Ladies? You need to get this book. They just reprinted it and you can purchase it at Amazon. Click the link to check it out!
Westmore Beauty Book

It really helped me out with my 40's hair.I don't care what anyone says, when you have long hair? Its effing hard to pin curl and do victory rolls! This book focuses on shorter styles but reading the techniques REALLY helped me with my do.Ugh, my do.Don't not even get me started on how hard it is to coax long(to the middle of my back) black hair into a 40's or 50's hairstyle and to get it right. I often wonder if my fellow chocolate ladies have ever run into such issues or if I'm just a hair rattard(The Hangover anyone?). I have worked with Asian hair, Armenian and just regular ole Caucasian hair and while I ran into some difficulties? It was nothing compared to working with my own tresses. I have the book to thank and? My wet to straight flat iron. I love this flat iron so much that if my boyfriend would let me take it to bed at night so I could snuggle with it, I would.
Prior to buying this flat iron, I used to do a wet set. Anyone with really long thick hair knows that the wet set is TORTURE! I used to sit under that dryer for 2 hours every week to dry my hair. Yeah, that's right. I said weekly. It took so long to wash and dry, like half a day, that I just didn't have the heart to do it any more often. That wet set damn near broke my spirit. It would get so that my eyes would well up a little with tears at the thought of the ordeal ahead.
But then I went to Walmart.
I was walking down the aisle looking for a regular flat iron because I don't always want flouncy hair, when I came upon this.
Remmington Wet to Straight Flat Iron

I cried the first time I used it. It took 20 minutes to dry my hair! There is a trick to it though, I use it one of two ways. If I'm not in a hurry, Ill wash my hair at night, put in all the oils needed ,tie it up and cover it with a kerchief. When I get up in the morning , its damp. I heat up the iron to 15-19 and start taking sections of hair and using a couple of hair pins to keep the dry bits away from the damp bits, I go to work. After working through my hair for 20 or 30 minutes, its all shiny and bouncy and dry and straight.Whats great about the straightness is that its not lifeless.The hair is still full and bouncy and easy to manage.
The second way I use it is the quick way. Ill wash my hair, and plug in the iron while I'm towel drying my hair so its all heated up by the time I'm done. I still use the pins to keep the very damp hair from the dry bits while I work the iron through my hair. The only drawback to this method is that my scalp is still damp. Rather than re-iron it I'll do some victory rolls in the front, twist the back into a veeeeerry loose knot and put a snood or hairnet over it. That way the scalp dries and my hair still looks bomb!

That's about all for this post. Ill leave you with some pictures of the Moulin Rouge themed party we went to at my Mom and Step Dads Country Club for New Years! I love the first picture.I have no idea who that guy was but after like 4 glasses of champagne ,he was my best friend.He was wearing a brown zoot suit with a yellow tie and? Wait for it. A pimp cane. Its too bad the i phone has no flash ,the color on that suit was amazing! Dress was bought from JoJos Retro and Vintage. You gotta check out her Etsy store! She used to be a costume designer and her eye for vintage quality is second to none!

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