Why the name The Vintage Fairy Godmother?

I love vintage fashion and I get a LOT of ladies asking me where I get my clothes. Since I am always willing to share my good fortune with others, I started passing on the word. Word of mouth can be exhausting so I started carrying the cards of places I frequented and passing them out whenever there was an inquiry( I still do actually). As much as I enjoy spreading the vintage love, I am not an organized person and having scads of cards in my wallet was not helping the messy black hole that is my purse so? I started this blog. I plan to post pictures of all the great stuff I have purchased, include links to my favorite stores and maybe show off some vintage hair? The possiblities are endless.Enjoy!

Monday, January 10, 2011

2More Shops I Heart,Appreciation pics and Wedding Planning is Silly

As promised, here is my next post.I know its been a few days so maybe you will be expecting a lot.Hmmm, I don't want you to be disappointed so think of this post as if you took it to a pawn shop. If you were to try to trade it for something of value? Maybe you could get a nice pocket watch and pen set.

Now that Ive primed you, lets begin shall we? The first shop I am featuring is Tiddleywink Vintage! MK so I love this girl. For reals y'all.Not only is her store the bizomb?  She's a really nice, sweet, interesting person! Also she has great taste.
I bought a fantastic robe dress from her! It was in pristine condition, and it came super fast! Some pics for your pleasure.

 But enough about me, lets get down to brass tacks! Back to Wink.Wink organizes her store by waist size which you KNOW I love. Lets jump right in shall we?
I call this cutie pie The Sophie. Sophie is a sophisticated Momma who loves to crash cocktail parties.She gets all dolled up in her 50's black crepe, dons some  40's style heels.I don't usually go for ANYTHING made in the 70's or 80's but these were too cute to pass up pairing with this dress! And they're 30 bucks! THIR-TY. Need I say more? Yeah no, I thought not. But I will. Sophie is always a hit at a party and no matter where she goes she is always asked back because she "Classes up the joint."
                                                                        The Sophie $49.00

 Look at the Satin Bow!

Sophie's sexy shoes size 8. At the risk of repeating myself, $30.00!

Next up is one of my FAVORITES!I would buy it if it were in my size. With the red and white checks on the neckline sleeves and belt and the FLOWER! Ugh! Love!
I'm over the moon for details and contrasting fabric so excuse me if I  gush a bit. I call this The Mary.Mary is a nice girl.Really. Yeah, sometimes she's loud,and she doesn't always say bless you when people sneeze, but that doesn't make her a Bad Betty does it? Mary's not antisocial she just likes to take long walks by herself.Walking alone makes her feel free .When she's alone she can think and she can hear her inner voice and her inner voice told her to put on this frock because today, on one of her walks? Maybe something wonderful might happen.
The Mary $24.00!

And now for....The Party Dress's! Ok so normally I don't pick more than one more dress to showcase but...I'm calling these two dresses  sisters, twins if you like! That way I can get away with it. They are Fraternal of course. The twins are know as the Sharp Sisters, Cynthia and Lynette if you please.Why is this? Its because they attend every event dressed to the nines.
But they aren't really sisters you know.In point of fact they used to be grifters and their  sister act was well renowned along the grifter  circuit. And it always worked. 
One would charm, the other would roll the mark.But they weren't bad girls, they  were just fashion junkies who couldn't afford to dress the way they wanted on their Drug Store pay.  
They were good girls and since they were, like all good girls, they finally went straight.They found office jobs and fantastic deals on sumptuous clothing and no longer found the need to run the con.
Cynthia Sharp $57.00

Lynette Sharp $139.00

For more amazing vintage tidbits check out Winks store Tiddleywink Vintage !

Here is the part where I go all international on yo ass. Stylelog is from Tokyo,Japan and her store is called Grosgrain Sophisticated Hat ! I have to admit I was a little hesitant to shop with her for fear that it would take the item forever to get here.Guess what?! It didn't and I love her store.Take a look see at one of the dress's I bought from her!

Don't fret, I did not buy all the cute shiz! Her stuff is so cute it makes me re think my fear of the late 60's. Check out Greta.Greta loves  to shop.She shops for a living in fact.She writes for a small fashion magazine in Germany blogging a fashion on a budget feature .In essence its her dream job.She spends her days combing through vintage treasures taking pictures and sometimes purchasing for herself. This is her signature skirt.
The Greta $19.00!

This is Paula. Paula loves to make a statement with her clothes.She's the kind of girl that would wear a ball gown to the grocery store if she could get away with it.Since she knows she cant she goes for subtle statements.I sparkly broach here, a sassy pair of silver shoes there and her dresses! oh her dresses do make a staement! Take this one for instance.A silver grey 60's number that catches all the gentlemen's eyes.The silvery grey threads sparkle under the light and sometimes, when you see her in in it, you think of otherworldly pleasures and smile.
The Paula $68.00

We are down to the last item featured and I wanted to showcase one of her handmade straw hats! Dude. She MAKES THEM.Do I even need to go on? This hat doesn't even need a story its so awesome.Check it out! It totally reminds me of something Audrey Hepburn might wear no?
Its handmade people so its gonna be a little more expensive then if you just went to the Ross. Beautiful no?!
She's added even more lovely things to her boutique(recently!) and I only highlighted my favorites, why don't you go check out her store and see if you can find your own? :-D Grossgrain !

Mk now its time for my boring musings.I was going to muse about Old Hollywood, or maybe my obsession with Basil Rathbone as Sherlock Holmes (No other does the great man justice in my humble opinion). But then I had a whirlwind weekend of looking at wedding shiz and I wanted to chat about it.
OK so I was kind of shocked by how much planning goes into a wedding.There's the dress and the flowers and the decorations and the seating and the napkins and the preacher and registering and tuxes and... I mean really? REALLY?! Its all a little silly to me. Now I'm not knocking those brides that want everything "just so" I'm just saying I'm not like that so I don't get it. Let me give you an example of some of the silly. While waiting for my Mom to go over the contract with the  scary dragon lady with the beige make-up on, she gave me a wedding invitation book to peruse. I am not kidding you when I say it looked like this.

I looked at that big messy book and thought "Oh HELL no." I do not have that kind of patience people .Its an invitation to my wedding not an invitation to the Queens house. It just has to look nice.
So I'm flipping through the book as this lady and my Mom were negotiating and with my two bridesmaids looking on in wonder. 
I flipped through to page 5 found one I liked and said "I choose this one!" The lady looked at me like I was crazy, then shrugged and said "Oooook.Well, now you have to pick the font."
I'm like"The what?" She flipped  to the front and showed me pages and pages of fonts.All lined up together, each subtly different and said"Have at it!" There was like 1600 fonts in there!
I looked at my bridesmaids ,the book, then the lady and said "Yeah no. Just give me whats on the sample.If it was good enough for a sample? Its good enough for me."  I mean no wonder brides go crazy and turn into bridezillas! Its like...designed to make you crazy.
As I wrote down the page number, the dragon lady um, I mean the wedding coordinator and my Mom started to have some sort of snippy voices raised but trying to be nice argument so I took my girls out for a smoke break.

I found out later that I'm gonna be having appointments with the lady or someone like her  for approx 2 Sundays a month till the wedding. Quelle Horreur!
I'm kind of hoping we can knock this planning shiz out of the park in like, a month or two.I'm not picky, I just want a nice wedding filled with friends and family and I dont really care what font I use to announce the good times.

As advised in my last post Ill be posting once a week and I have chosen every Monday so I don't turn into a crazy person . So much stuff to do and just, not enough time to do it. Both Jojo and I have requested an extra 8 hours be added to each day.
We'll let you know how that goes.
Till next week kiddies!
Your VFG.


  1. Okay okay okay, Basil Rathbone IS Sherlock Holmes. But give a fair shake to the new BBC version with Benedict Cumberbatch. You'll be won over, I assure you!

  2. I KNEW you would agree! I added the BBC version to my Netflix que since we have no tv.Well, I mean ,we have a 50 inch but no cable,so basically we have a 50 inch computer that we play movies on. :-D

  3. You always make me laugh! Oh HELL no! Yep- been there a couple times (we'll talk) but I was the fool who then went and designed her own freakin' invites! :-) You rock, gf.