Why the name The Vintage Fairy Godmother?

I love vintage fashion and I get a LOT of ladies asking me where I get my clothes. Since I am always willing to share my good fortune with others, I started passing on the word. Word of mouth can be exhausting so I started carrying the cards of places I frequented and passing them out whenever there was an inquiry( I still do actually). As much as I enjoy spreading the vintage love, I am not an organized person and having scads of cards in my wallet was not helping the messy black hole that is my purse so? I started this blog. I plan to post pictures of all the great stuff I have purchased, include links to my favorite stores and maybe show off some vintage hair? The possiblities are endless.Enjoy!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Vintage Wedding

I love my blog.I love having an avenue to write down my musings, share my love of vintage with others and help to promote small business. Its..fulfilling. The only problem is I'm kind of overwhelmed! It just hit me today that I'm getting married in June..June 4th to be exact and I guess Ive been kind of blase about it.Well, not blase.More like I guess it doesn't really matter to be about all the details, I'm just stoked that I am marrying the most awesome man on the planet. For reals. He is such a good person and he's funny and smart and most importantly?He figured out a way to make me a kinder gentler version of the raging b*tch that lives inside me. He helped  give me the confidence to be less hard and to let my soft underbelly show. He makes me feel safe and loved. Those feeling are priceless and I cant believe Ill get to have him forever.
That said,I'm pretty much letting my mom do everything but I know I have to start being pro-active and help her, I just hate planning shiz.I'm the least organized person I know. If you need something to go off without a hitch?Don't ask me.You might as well just light a fire and burn your ideas of a nice well planned time because I specialize in chaos. And having too many choices makes me confused and vaguely angry.Oddly enough, I'm an auditor for a bank. And I'm damn good at it, but only because I take large amounts of data that's already there for me and I figure out whats wrong then I tell people to fix it.Easy Peasy.A wedding?A vintage themed wedding at that is not easy to plan. And we are doing it in less than 5 months.Proposal in Jan, no ring yet because both bands are being designed but we needed to start planning before the ring because we are doing it so soon.Why so soon? I'm not knocked up yo.We knew we wanted to get married 6 months ago but wanted everyone to feel comfortable that we'd been together long enough.In  June it will be 2 yrs.
My Mom called me today as I was putting together my next post and reminded me that I have to choose food and favors and invitations and meet with the dress lady Kara Saun(I'm kind of stoked that Moms knows her. I'm all kinds of excited.I'm like"I saw you on Project Runway!"),figure out where the brides maids are getting their dresses made, pick the flowers and reiterate the colors.Brown, cream and leopard.Yes Mom, I know you think its tacky. thank G its not you getting married right? LOL
So I'm going to have to cut my posts down to once a week otherwise I will be getting married in a potato sack with El De Barge singing a capella in the alley behind the McDonald's. Don't worry! I am still planning to showcase the same sellers I promised, it might just be a few days cuz...well...I like the McDonald's but I don't want to get married there.

I will be working on my weekly post all week so its bound to be better! I just didn't want to cheat any of my sellers by doling out some half ass'ed piece of poo.I enjoy making up names for the clothes and creating little stories and trolling through the stores trying to pick the best items to showcase! It kind of takes forever but when you enjoy doing something, its like no time at all.
Small request.
If any of you ladies know of a place be it online or a person(In Los Angeles) that can make me some nice bridesmaids dresses for like 150 that would be great.Also, Ill need something blue and something new.If you see anything you think might fit the bill, send me the link!
Much Love,
Your VFG


  1. oh hun you're reminding me of myself...i decided in february that we were (finally) going to get married in june and i put the whole wedding together in time and for $1200 INCLUDING my dress. we went for a super small wedding though because they are EXPENSIVE and we paid for everything ourselves.

    I will be probably no help to you since i do not live in the area and I had no bridesmaids or maid of honor (because she never showed...nice, right?)

    Good luck hun, it CAN be done!

  2. In the immortal words of the scary swamp guy from "Waterboy," "YOU CAN DO IT!" bwah hah! BTW- I am the vintage wedding veteran, just ask away if you need anything. :-)

  3. OMG! 1200 dollars?! I cant even fathom that.I mean, did you hand a homeless guy a camera and make him your photographer for 50 cents and a cup of coffee?! Thats unreal! I bow to the wedding master! And Jo Jo, I hope you meant that offer.I LOVE the hat/veil you are wearing in your wedding picture1 Where did you get it?!

  4. Actually I got that hat from an antique store- a vintage bridal shop that inspired me opening my own shop. The owner and I are friends now- she's in Mpls. Sure- ask away what you need advice on!

    Happy Birthday to my fav vintage pal!